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Want the most eco-friendly heater you can find? Look for the Lot 20 logo! Heaters with this symbol meet the highest European energy-efficiency standards, so they don't cost much to run!

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Outdoor Heaters

Keep yourself warm on the patio all year round with an energy-efficient patio heater. Using infrared heat to warm you directly, these outdoor heaters are perfect for anyone who entertains on their patio or decking as well as for pub beer gardens and smoking areas.

Bathroom Heaters

Add a touch of cosiness to your bathroom with a splashproof panel heater. Tested to at least IPX4 standard, this range of heaters are ideal for those winter nights when it’s hard to step out of the shower.

Over Door Heaters & Air Curtains

Perfect for businesses who want to greet their customers with a cosy curtain of warm air as soon as they step through the door, air curtains are an inexpensive way to keep your business warm. Our over door heaters are designed to be sleek and subtle, offering your business a professional-looking heater.

Electric Panel Heaters

An energy-efficient alternative to central heating, our electric panel heaters give you the next generation of cosiness! Specially engineered to keep you warm for less, an electric panel heater can be used as a portable free-standing heater or wall-mounted to replace old and inefficient central heating. If you're looking for the most efficient heater, check out our guide to the different features you should look out for.

ERP Lot 20 Compliant Heaters

Looking for more info on the most eco-friendly panel heaters you can find? Check out our guide to ERP Lot 20, the latest European energy efficiency regulations. This will help you choose the most energy efficient heater around so you can keep warm for less!

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